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Cindy Savage Traci Trexx Frecko Marty
Lead Vocals Guitarschredder The Drumzter The Bass-tard

Swedish female-fronted glam rockers

Ahi les dejo una banda que ando escuchando estos dias.

Pagina web:

Link de descarga en kissmar:


  1. kissroxx said...
    You need to stop posting these new bands without any download links for their CD!
    Ian Sleazer said...
    Just buy the album and don't fuck bastard!! ;P I do what I want!
    kissroxx said...
    You don't want to fuck with me! I will have the site shut down!
    Anónimo said...
    ahhahahha kissroxx you are a joke
    Anónimo said...
    ahahha you are a joke go close your moms ass and shut the fuck up
    Ian Sleazer said...
    I don't care, It's only a site, I can do others again and again...

    Or just upload in any other site :P

    so FUCK YOU! :) and close this site if you want I don't gain nothing of it.
    Capitain Poon said...
    Ian, saludos amigo. Respecto a lo de los Guitar distribucion es horrorosa segun me comento Mafia Boy, pero te aconsejo que te pases por su myspace o el de Mafia y "hables" directamente con el, es un tio genial y seguro que te los hace llegar. Un abrazo amigo
    Anónimo said...
    I'm sorry to see this awesome blog go but wish you the best and hope that you come back later down the road thanks for all your posts and keep rockin'. Amber.

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