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1. Naked On The Dance Floor
2. Go Sister Go
3. Time Is Running Out
4. 1984 (Nanny Nation)
5. Queen Of Cool
6. Start The Rupt
7. When She Comes
8. Avaline
9. If It Don’t Feel Good
10. Bishops Gate
11. Beach Bar
12. New Skin

Donny Tourette - Vocals
Dirk Tourette - Guitars
Tommy Brunette - Bass
James Phillips - Lead Guitars
Ben Henshall - Drums

Towers Of London are set to return to the music scene next month with a new line-up, a new single and album then a UK tour.

The band lost two members last July, when guitarist The Rev and drummer Snell left the band, which is led by frontman Donny Tourette.

Donny and his band-mate brother Dirk Tourette held auditions to replace the duo earlier this year.

However, today (August 20) they announced that guitarist James Phillips and drummer Ben Henshall have joined the line-up. The pair are friends of the Tourette brothers, and according to the Tourettes have known them since school.

The band will release a new single, 'Naked On The Dancefloor', on September 29 then an album, 'FIZZY POP', a week later (October 6). They will then head out on a UK tour.

Donny Tourette described 'FIZZY POP' as "less aggressive [than 2007 debut 'Blood Sweat And Towers'] and much more of a party record.

"I think it's more rock'n'roll than punk and there are sing-alongs galore on there. I've got a feeling it's gonna surprise a lot of people."

Speaking about the new line-up, Dirk Tourette said: "The old guys have been replaced by younger, more enthusiastic and better-looking, serious musicians.

"We all went to school together, which is nice. Now we're gonna go round the world together. Hopefully we can keep it together this time round."

Towers Of London will play:

Birmingham Academy 2 (October 13)
Southampton The Brook (14)
Manchester Academy 3 (15)
London ULU (16)
Nottingham Rock City (17)
Glasgow ABC2 (19)
York Fibbers (20)


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