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Backwash - Feel Rock (2003)

Track List:
01. Highroller
02. Kill Thrill
03. One More Dollar
04. Here We Are
05. I've Done It

Bob - vocals
Volli - lead guitar
Notter - rhythm guitar
Toby - bass
Mauro - drums

Now this is what sleaze rock is all about! Backwash has taken cues from the likes of AC/DC, The Four Horsemen and Beautiful Creatures to release a debut EP that should restore everyone's faith in rock'n'roll. The music is just as dirty and nasty as the band name implies, and not only do they Feel Rock - they proceed to hammer it down your throat!
"Highroller' starts off with a shit-kicking backbeat that leads into a raunchy riff reminiscent of Junkyard. I haven't had a song impress me this much since I reviewed Stampede Queen awhile back. "Kill Thrill" is an over-the-top number that is unrelenting in its delivery. The EP wraps up with "I've Done It", another song with a barroom boogie bottom-end overlapped with gritty vocals.

Backwash is showing other young upstarts - and even seasoned professionals - how rock should be played. I can't wait to hear a full-length album, but in the meantime this EP and their website ( will have to do. If anyone tells you rock is dead, crank this up and tell them to fuck off.

Review from Sleazeroxx



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