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1. What Do You Know
2. Satisfied (I Can't Be)
3. Mental Days
4. I'm a Boy
5. Magnum Maid
6. Don't Let Me Down
7. Three Times in the Gutter
8. Give It to Me Baby
9. Chainsaw Juggler
10. Porno Dancing
11. I Can Tell
12. Downtown Station

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Link de descarga:


  1. Anónimo said...
    the file only contains Track 4,5,6,7,8...
    Can you please upload the other tracks, too?
    Ian Sleazer said...
    en estos dias lo arreglo y subo el resto, parece que se daño el zip
    Anónimo said...
    please post in english, I don't understand spanish, sorry.
    Ian Sleazer said...
    sorry jeje, I'll post all the rest tomorrow, maybe the zip is corrupt. and a question? why not left your name and email? there are some law against leave a message??? I don't understand the people. :S
    Ian Sleazer said...
    I fix it now!
    lmccu1 said...
    file still only contains Tracks 4,5,6,7,8
    Ian Sleazer said...
    nop, is complete, this is a new link. see again
    Anónimo said...
    Ahh... perfect! The new file contains all tracks. Thank you!

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