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1 The Underdogs
2 Rat City Unit
3 In It For The Pussy
4 Swellhead
5 B-Bones
6 The Jackass Day
7 Life On A Stick
8 Never Trust A Smilin' Junkie
9 Lip
10 Ramjob Juliette
11 The Kixxville Commercial Jingle
12 Harry The Horse
13 Drop The Bomb

Lead vocals, guitar: Slim Jim
Lead Guitar, backing vocals: Guzz
Bass: Toy Boy
Drums: TBA

Apes IQ is the white-smiled gentlemen of hard, fast, pump-action-rock'n'roll. The band was formed in Stockholm/Sweden in 2001. The 13-track album "The kixxville Commercial" sounds a bit like Elvis Presley on way too much caffeine, trying to perform "Houd Dog", while he's getting slapped in the face by Sid Vicious.
Warning!!! Some of the tracks on this album contains very offensive language.


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