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1. Intro: Things Could Be Worse...And Will Be
2 .Boundless I.Q.
3. We're Here To Secure The Peace
4. Life Goes On...Except For Those Who Die
5. Ritual Foreplay
6. Black Leather Charm
7. We Can't Act No More
8. Would You Trade The Chance To Try Them All To
Having Just The One
9. All Fun & No Work
10. Dying Young Is A Trend
11. Happiness Is A Loaded Gun
12. Sorted Out
13. Get Yourself A Head
14. Play Alive
15. Social Whore

JASSE (vocals and guitar, mandolin and bass on 15.)
TV (guitar)
PALE (bass and backing vocals, guitar on 12.)
KELLY (drums and backing vocals, harp on 15.)

Tesku KETONEN (accordion on 15.)
Mikko KARMILA (mandolin on 15.)

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