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Here is my list:

Babylom Bombs - Cracked Wide Open And Bruised
Dangerous Toys - Dangerous Toys
Hanoi Rocks - Self Destruction Blues
Confideracy Of Horsepower - Vagabond Cabaret
Cowboy Prostitutes - Swingin' At The Fences
Drugdealer Cheerleader - Enjoy the time you waste
Backyard Babies - Total 13
Imperial Vipers - Searching Falling Silence
Apes IQ - The Kixxville Commercial
Hardcore Superstar - Hardcore Superstar
Crashdiet - Rest in sleaze

Jeje there are 11 but I want to put more albums ;) anyway.
Of course I don't put a lot of good bands like GnR, Hell n diesel, Vains of jenna, etc...
I want to know your favorite list! Leave a comment.


  1. Anónimo said...
    No conozco muchas bandas de este género, aunque gracias a tu blog estoy conociendo más, algunos de mis favoritos son:

    The Four Horsemen - Nobody Said It Was Easy
    Turbonegro - Apocalypse Dudes
    Rose Tattoo - Rose Tattoo
    Space Age Playboys - New Rock Underground
    Backyard Babies - Total 13
    D.A.D. - No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims
    Tesla - The Great Radio Controversy
    Rhino Bucket - And Then It Got Ugly

    no llegan a diez, seguro que me dejo alguno, pero no recuerdo más
    Raoni Draven said...
    My favourite are:

    Crashdïet - Rest In Sleaze
    Hardcore Superstar - Hardcore Superstar
    Backyard Babies - Fuck Off And Die
    Gemini Five - Babylon Rockets
    Black Tide - Light From Above
    Private Live - Evel Knievel Factor
    Private Line - 21st Century Pirates
    Poets & Pornstars - Poets & Pornstars
    L.A. Guns - Hollywood Vampires
    Bastardz - Jungle Outlawz
    Marco said...
    Mis Favoritos:

    Guns N'Roses - Appetite For Destruction
    Skid Row - Skid Row
    Hanoi Rocks - Self Destruction Blues
    Hanoi Rocks - Another Hostile Takeover
    Hardcore Superstar - Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves)
    Crashdïet - Unattractive Revolution

    Jaja no llegan a diez =P
    Ian Sleazer said...
    Thanks for your comments! Nice to know your favourite.

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