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AC Rocket (Foil)
Geez Louise (The Unband)
Understanding Jane (The Icicle Works)
The World Comes Tumblin' (The Distillers)
Unsung (Helmet)
Waiting Room (Fugazi)
Ice Hockey Hair (Super Furry Animals)
Possum Kingdom (Toadies)
Pep Talk (The Descendents)
Rocket 69 (The Lee Harvey Oswald Band)
Battleship Chains (Georgia Satellites)
Rearrange You (Baby Chaos)
Everyday Formula (Regurgitator)
The Judge (Soul Asylum)
Carmelita (Warren Zevon).

Ginger – vocals, guitar
Scott Sorry – vocals, bass
Ritch Battersby – vocals, drums
C.J – vocals, guitar


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  1. Anónimo said...
    The following tracks are missing in this .rar: AC Rocket (Foil), Everyday Formula (Regurgitator), The Judge (Soul Asylum)... Thanxx anyway!

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