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01-yours sincerely
02-you got a song to sing
03-could've been blessed
04-think about me
05-from soul to heart
06-still your fool
07-just another guy
08-if it ain't love
09-wishful thinking
10-you make m e a rich man
11-harder than it looks
12-that's where its at

SULO, the frontman and main songwriter of rock band The DIAMOND DOGS, is a talented and very productive songwriter, who has released numerous records with the DIAMOND DOGS and two solo albums.

The acoustic JUST ANOTHER GUY TRYIN', was produced by HENRIK ”THE DUKE OF HONK” WIDÉN from DIAMOND DOGS, and among the featured guests are also JOHAN JOHANSSON, FREDRIK FAGERLUND & MAGIC from DIAMOND DOGS members and MAGNUS CARLSON from WEEPING WILLOWS, who together with SULO sings the warm soul/gospel ballad ”COULD’VE BEEN BLESSED”.

In 2006 SULO met the Swedish movie audience as he co-wrote (with Nicko Röhlke) and performed the lead song "MERSEY ROSE" for the Swedish motion picture success OFFSIDE.

Check out MERSEY ROSE at


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