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1. Born To Likk
2. Lippservice In Orgyland
3. The Sleazy Burning Of Bethlehem
4. Johnny Swingz His Sword To Betty Ford
5. Angel In White
6. The Unholy Force Of The Yellow Legion
7. Sidekixx An Luvtrixx
8. The Peaceful Rape Of A Perfumed Cokewhore
9. Pink Lippstikkz In The Northern Sky
10. Fixxi Takes A Bite From A Tranzveztite
11. Pronrockclip On A Viking Ship
12. An Ode To My Peniz
13. Aktin Kool In Glamrock School

Dr. Vinnie Stikk - Vokillz
Baron Carloz - Lead Guitarz, Backing Lickz And Doggy
Sergant Ryan Vixxen - Rhythm Geetarz, Beer Holder, Bar Tender
Corporal Ver Kehr - Bazz Guitar, Looking Like A Gay W.A. Mozart, To Gay To Play
Fixxi - The Absolute Bandleader
Michael LaMour - Nazty Drumz - And All Other Crazy Stuff


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By Anonymous

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  1. megamuch said...
    No conocia estos germanos,un grupo como este solo podia salir alli,voy a bajarmelo,hace falta mas diversion y cachondeo en este mundo!!!

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