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1- Damnation Alley
2- Livin' Above The law
3- In The Groove
4- Summer Love
5- Monkey See, Monkey Do
6- She Makes Love Easy
7- Ditch The Bitch
8- Renegade
9- Rock N Roll Suicide
10- Why We're Here
11- Mama Don't Care
12- No Parole

Vicki James Wright - vocals
Christopher Stewart - guitar
JJ Bolt - guitar
Andy Rogers - bass
Matt Sorum - drums


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  1. Anónimo said...
    This isnt the suncity release :(

    this is the "unreleased second album"....doing the round on the net for few years :(
    Ian Sleazer said...
    You are Right my friend! Sorry, I dont see the tracks

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