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1. Someone
2. In Your Face
3. Forever Angel
4. Hypnotized
5. Preacher
6. The Evil
7. Help Me
8. Stop At Nothing
9. Rainy Daze
10. Sick
11. Ace Of Spades

Nasti Habits - vocals
S.S. Priest - guitar
Tommy Hanus - bass
Billy Nychay - drums

According to the Diamond Rexx press release, "times change and the music scene went in other directions. Diamond Rexx took a self-imposed hiatus." Translation: bad album sales, lots of empty clubs. And it's a shame they decided to come back because this band is a perfect example of why music genres die out: cannibalization. When some bands begin to do something original, there's a crazed response by labels to copy it. Thus we have known the likes of Slaughter, Sir Mix A Lot and O'Town. Too many craptastic bands glut the stations and MTV and something new is needed. Diamond Rexx is far from original in its sound, style, lyrics or look and almost a decade later is still copying what made them sublebreties in the early 90s. It wasn't very good then. It still isn't.

review by: Laurent Martini


Este disco lo tengo pedido por correo.Te lo mando como lo baje de KISSMAR.

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  1. Ian Sleazer said...
    Buahhh ;) muchas gracias Megamuch.

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